Use Cases

Discover some use cases ready to be integrated within your projects.

Reverse Proxy

Coraza can be used as a reverse proxy to intercept requests to audit and deny attacks.

Current Reverse Proxy Implementations:

  • Caddy
  • Yaegi (Comming soon)

Application Server

FastCGI is a binary protocol for interfacing interactive programs with a web server.

Languages supporting FastCGI API: Ada, Delphi, Lazarus Free Pascal, C, C++, Chicken Scheme, Common Lisp, D, Eiffel, Erlang, GnuCOBOL, Go, Guile Scheme, Haskell, VSI BASIC for OpenVMS, Java, Lua, node.js, OCaml, Perl, PHP (via php-fpm, or HipHop for PHP), Python, Ruby, Rust, SmallEiffel, Smalltalk: FasTalk and Dolphin Smalltalk, Tcl, WebDNA, Vala (via C bindings), Xojo

Implementations supporting FastCGI:

  • Caddy

Containers and K8s

Deploy within containers environments and integrate Coraza with your microservices.

  • Caddy: Docker (Kubernetes is comming soon)
  • Traefik: Kubernetes and Docker (soon)

Embedded within golang projects

Use Coraza as a library or one of our plugins for many golang frameworks or the raw net/http stack.

  • net/http (golang)
  • gin framework
  • any other project

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