One page summary of how to start a new Doks project.

By default each image is powered by Caddy, future versions may use different implementations like jptosso/coraza-waf@1.0.0-caddy or jptosso/coraza-waf@1.0.0-traefik.

Hosting some simple static server

$ docker run --name my-waf -p 8080:8080 -v /path/to/config:/coraza:ro -d jptosso/coraza-waf

Alternatively, a simple Dockerfile can be used to generate a new image that includes the necessary content (which is a much cleaner solution than the bind mount above):

FROM jptosso/coraza-waf
COPY static-settings-directory /coraza

Place this file in the same directory as your directory of content (“static-settings-directory”), run docker build -t my-waf ., then start your container:

$ docker run --name my-waf -d some-waf-server

static-settings-directory must contain a Caddyfile, see (Caddyfile documentation)[#]

Exposing external port

$ docker run --name my-waf -d -p 9090:9090 some-waf-server

Then you can hit http://localhost:9090 or http://host-ip:9090 in your browser.

Environmental variables

Core Ruleset support

CRS_USE: if set to true, the image will import CRS from CRS_VERSION or latest. CRS_VERSION: which CRS version to use, default is latest.

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